Our Story

In 1989, I was looking for a piece of property, 5 acres with a pond for a future place to retire. I saw this cool “abandoned storage facility with 3 ponds” for sale in Browns Valley. Called on it. Made an appointment to view and I was on my way. When I arrived, run down, fields of thistle, deer trails to the ponds, creeks covered in blackberry, Poison oak everywhere,  1960’s Trailer, 1970’s trailer and a storage facility with all the doors warped, I thought………hmmmm. I told the realtor “I’ll get back to you”. 3 months went by and the realtor called and told me the owner inherited it and would make me a deal I couldn’t refuse and I didn’t.  I would go up there on weekends and flail areas around the ponds, clean up the storage units and make the units habitable with my twin brother and eventually one of my sons. Got everything rented but “wow” was it still a mess. Everything was yellow !Roads were mostly dirt but at least I was pretty excited when I started catching 10 pound catfish and rainbow trout in the creek.

In 1995, the church I attended wanted to go to a place and camp, bring the youth and try and have fun at little expense. I offered up the property. They came, they loved it, I was stoked. My mentor and friend Bill Crabtree said I should build something for people to stay in and host retreats. I thought it was a good idea, and, I thought it needed more things than just “camping”. I kept seeing this weird game in Orangevale, people hucking frisbees. I stopped by and asked what it was and met Jim Oates. He told me to go to Grass Valley and meet up with the Lissaman Twins. I did and they introduced me to the DGA. Bought some Mach 1.5s.Ron Jones, the Lissaman Twins and others helped design and install the front 18. It was great. We added another 9 Innova Baskets the following year. By 1998, we had 2-18 hole courses. Got a nice letter from Ed Headrick (considered the “father of disc golf”). He even stopped by to see what our little private recreational disc golf facility looked like. We then started more youth events and added paintball as well. My friend Bill Crabtree assisted me immensely while building the lodge and getting things going. The lodge is now called the “guest house” as many groups are now renting it along with other cabins. By 2016, both courses have changed out to Mach V Baskets from the DGA. In 2020 we added a 3rd course called Sharlottes Web. A short challenge course using Dynamic Discs Marksmans, turf T’s and great signage from Truline. All courses have signage by Truline at this point.

Beginning in the late 1990’s, we started doing tournaments with Nor Cal. Had some of the best pros in the country come play our little course !  Ken Climo, Ron Russell, Lissaman Twins (Geoff and Johnny), Elaine King, Jim Oates, Steve Rico and many others. Not to mention having some cool rounds with Ricky Wysocki, Philo Brathwaite, Nikko Locastro and Drew Gibson (still on Youtube), or watching Greg Barsby as a kid challenging Ken Climo. Rumor has it he played here many times over the years! I know I’ve missed a bunch of them, but, nowadays, this sport has exponentially grown larger. I get visits all the time now from the Lissaman Twins, Jim Oates will stop by once in a while and at least a visit from Garrett Gurthie and Jessica Weese ! We can all say, “we love this game”. I’m hoping it eventually becomes something we’ll see on ESPN all the time.

Browns N Bows Disc golf now has a pretty nice Disc Golf Pro Shop. We have 4 cabins and a Guest House to rent for weekend events. Our interactive map shows all of our campsite areas. Great for group events, club tag rounds or just a weekend getaway. We host a number of tournaments throughout the year. We hope we grow as the sport grows.  30+ years of work all within a short origins story. Thank you to the disc golf community, players, TD’s and pros for being a part our history. Too many to mention.

By the way. We do weddings as well, just in case you didn’t see the wedding barns !